Classes for all levels.

  • Core Power Yoga @ Westchester Yoga Arts

      @9:30am on Fridays.

  • Kettle Bell/Yoga @Westchester Yoga Arts 

         @9:00am-10:00am on Tuesdays

         @10:00am-11:00am Sundays

        Group and private sessions (can be customized) 

  • Yoga to relieve back pain.

  • Yoga for Weight loss.

  • Yoga for Athletes.

  • Yoga to Reduce Stress (physical exercises with breathing techniques)

  • Yoga for Endurance, building a class to 108 Sun Salutations(surya namaskars).


Shivani yoga

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Yoga is for everyone. I offer a variety of classes for every level.

I can also customize the classes based on your individual goals. 

I have helped my clients improved their flexibility, get them better sleep by reducing stress,  and increased strength and stamina in the body.

Currently teaching @ Westchester Yoga Arts, New Rochelle, NY

Teaching Private and group classes in Manhattan and Westchester, NY.