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Shivani yoga

​Why Yoga?​

From preparing for SAT, reducing  handicap in golf, looking to lose unhealthy weight and making that change sustainable, managing stress as a teenager, CEO, or full time homemaker- Yoga an ancient practice  can help with various dimensions of life. Yoga is a lifestyle which will help you embrace minimalism,  increase self awareness and enable  you to create anything you aspire for. 

    Benefits of Yoga

  • ​Increased strength.
  • Better quality of sleep.
  • Increased joint mobility and flexibility.
  • Unhealthy fat loss.
  • Reduces stress and cures depression.
  • Better posture by aligning the spine.
  • Helps cure respiratory diseases.
  • ​Relief from heel pain(plantar fasciitis).
  • ​Increased and sustainable concentration.
  • ​A general sense of well being among many more.

 Breaking the monotony of life by unleashing the energy within!

​       Breath and Movement

The body is the most amazing human machine. It's capable of so many movements which becomes accessible through yoga. Linking these movements with the breath(the life force), the body becomes as fluid as water flowing through a stream. Learning through yoga how to unite the two together has been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Giving  birth to new interests, hobbies, passions, learning, finding a sense of calmness within, I was able to see my self with clarity and do more in life. Yoga greatly helps with time management by creating lasting habits. Yoga is that discipline which teaches us the fine art of living.

Yoga is truly a transformational journey of finding strength, courage, confidence, focus, balance, freedom and limitless options and creativity of the mind. Yoga is a building block for the good things to come.

​​​Cultivating Strength, focus, flexibilty, endurance and creativity

         Shivani Yoga

Yoga is a union of mind and body. A regular practice of yoga does wonders and brings out the best in you! Through yoga, experience a life moving from humans to legends, mountains to trees, birds to flowers, sages to warriors and so much more!

Yoga is for every one! See your body and mind transform with this powerful dynamic flow, creating strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and creativity. Beyond unhealthy fat loss and numerous health benefits, it links your breath with movements which relaxes the mind. Cultivate your very own practise and discover a new you.